Alleged Indictment of DCP Abba Kyari: IGP Orders a review

By Odira Nwachukwu July 29, 2021

Newwavereporters have gathered that the Inspector- General of Police, Usman Alkali Baba, has on Thursday evening of July 29, 2021, ordered an internal review of an allegation and indictment from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) against one of the personnel of the Nigerian Police Forces, DCP Abba Kyari.

This is following an allegation by the embattled Nigerian socialite, Hushpuppi, which has warranted a United States court to reportedly issued a warrant of arrest for a Deputy Commissioner of Police in Nigeria, Abba Kyari on a fraud indictment associating with Hushpuppi.

Recall that according to a U.S court document obtained by Peoples Gazette, Otis Wright of the United States District Court for the Central District of California ordered the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to track down Kyari and produce him in the United States for his role in a multi-million dollar fraud perpetrated by Ramon Abbas, aka Hushpuppi; and his co-conspirators.

Newwavereporters had earlier collaborated with the operational analysis and reportage from Wazobiareporters and revealed that the court said Hushpuppi conspired with Kyari to arrest and jail a co-fraudster, Chibuzo Vincent, after the latter threatened to expose a $1m committed against a Qatari businessman.

Mr Abbas was arrested in Dubai last June and he pleaded guilty to fraud in the U.S. this week. The FBI said Messrs Abbas and Kyari have been friends and were both involved in a conspiracy to launder money.

Mr Kyari was also indicted of receiving bribes from Mr Abbas to arrest a member of the syndicate in Nigeria.

American prosecutors first sought a court warrant to arrest Mr Kyari on February 12, 2021, according to court documents seen by The Gazette. Another warrant was requested on April 29, 2021.

Judge Wright’s permission for the FBI to arrest Mr Kyari and hold him in U.S. custody was unsealed on July 26.

Mr Kyari in a hurried statement denied allegations of conspiracy with Hushpuppi, saying he only met him two years ago and did not benefit financially from the fraudster. In another swift claim, he stated that only three hundred thousand naira was paid to him by Hushpuppi to purchase a native cloth for him which was brought to his office and sent to him in proxy.

Meanwhile, more facts have reportedly emerged in the ongoing trial of Hushpuppi and his secret relationship with DCP Abba Kyari.

According to the FBI in court documents, Kyari abandoned his duties in Nigeria sometime in 2019 and flew to Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, to “enjoy a good time” with Hushpuppi, who lived at Palazzo Versace in the Emirati commercial capital.

The September 2019 trip was only an episode of a mutually-beneficial cozy affair between Kyari and Abbas that was uncovered by the American authorities as part of their ongoing prosecution of Abbas for a multimillion-dollar internet fraud.

Abbas pleaded guilty this week after his legal representatives successfully negotiated a plea deal with prosecutors in Central California, court documents said.


He faces up to 20 years in jail at sentencing in the coming weeks. He will also forfeit some of his plunder from years of online fraud and pay restitution to some of his victims, court filings said

Additional documents seen by Peoples Gazette reportedly showed that Kyari in 2019 travelled to Dubai to enjoy a good time with Hushpuppi.

Abbas “sent a car and driver to drive” Kyari around “during that trip,” FBI unsealed indictment said.

Also during the trip, Kyari bragged to Abbas about some of his so-called crime-busting activities in Nigeria, to which Abbas responded by playing allegiance to the police chief.

“Am really happy to be your boy,” Hushpuppi told Kyari in an intercepted message. “I promise to be a good boy to you sir.”

According to the US Department of Justice, a criminal complaint initiated the prosecution of Hushpuppi in February as court documents ordered unsealed showed that Abbas, a 37-year-old Nigerian national, pleaded guilty on April 20.

It had been reported that officials said in court filings that Abbas disclosed during interrogation that he paid bribes to Nigeria’s police chief, Kyari, to have one of his rivals arrested and jailed in Nigeria following a dispute over a $1.1million dupe of a Qatari businessperson.

Abbas had asked Kyari to arrest and jail a fellow fraudster Kelly Chibuzor Vincent after both were locked in a dispute presumably over how to share the $1.1million loot received from the Qatari businessperson.

Vincent subsequently contacted the victim and informed them that they were being scammed by a syndicate involving him and Abbas.

This elicited anger from Abbas, who contacted Kyari to arrest and jail his rival over the dispute. Abbas said Kyari sent pictures of Vincent in jail and subsequently sent his bank account number to Abbas to which a wire transfer should be made having done a good job as sent by Abbas.

“Court documents outline a dispute among members of the conspiracy, which allegedly prompted Vincent to contact the victim and claim that Abbas and Juma were engaged in fraud. After this contact, Abbas allegedly arranged to have Vincent jailed in Nigeria by Abba Alhaji Kyari, 46, of Nigeria.

“According to the affidavit, Kyari is a highly decorated deputy commissioner of the Nigeria Police Force who is alleged to have arranged for Vincent to be arrested and jailed at Abbas’ behest, and then sent Abbas photographs of Vincent after his arrest. Kyari also allegedly sent Abbas bank account details for an account into which Abbas could deposit payment for Vincent’s arrest and imprisonment,” U.S. Justice department said in a statement.

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