Abducted Baptist students: Parents refute 26 ‘rescued’ students claim by Police (see video)

By Adamu Garuba

Parents of the kidnapped children of the Bethel Baptist High school in Kaduna State have on Monday afternoon of July 5, 2021, refuted claims by the police that they have rescued 26 Students and a female teacher out of the over hundred students kidnapped by the bandits on Sunday, July 4, following a breaking news that 26 out of the students have been rescued by the security forces.

One of the Protesting parents has faulted the claim by the police on the purported rescued students, adding that the returned children and staff of the school escaped from the bandits’ den.

At the time of filing this report, the protesting parents wondered why soldiers instead of going after the kidnappers of their children are busy shooting at the protesters who are protesting for immediate release of their abducted children.

Mrs Caroline Igbadume, whose only child was among the kidnapped students, called on the Federal Government to declare state of emergency in Kaduna State.

“They have been killing us, last two weeks they came to my house, we can’t even farm. Our children cannot go to schools. Enough is enough. They should declare state of emergency in Kaduna if el-Rufai cannot do anything.


“And one soldier is here firing bullets at women, women with just tree branches. The bandits operated from 2am to 4am and no single soldier was seen to confront them and this one is here firing bullets at women”, she concluded.

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