Abaribe: Buhari is sleeping while the country burns.

By Henry Okoduwa.

Sunday May 9,2021


Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe has taken President Muhammadu Buhari to task over the worsening security situation in the country.

The Senate Minority Leader believes the rising wave of insecurity in the country would now have been firmly put under control had the APC-led government of Buhari been more proactive and responsive to the problem from the beginning.

The former deputy governor who represents Abia South Senatorial District in the National Assembly is miffed that the President sleeps while the country drifts towards extinction as the insecurity scare reaches ugly dimensions.

“The president is absent from duty. We have not seen our president. We have not heard from our president despite the daily killings that are going on, and that has turned Nigeria into a killing field of unimaginable proportions,” Abaribe said while briefing the media on the resolutions of the Caucus of Minorities of the National Assembly in Abuja recently.

The Caucus also expressed it’s disgust over the devaluation of the Naira and the resultant hardship it has brought upon Nigerians because of it’s adverse effect on the economy through galloping inflation.
The group touched on the sensitive issue of the government’s penchant for foreign loans, saying it had the tendency to further compound the difficulties Nigerians were already grappling with in their day to day attempts at survival.

“We think the government should reverse itself, should not continue with it’s mindless borrowings that don’t bring immediate benefits to Nigerians,” he spoke on behalf of the Caucus which is made up of members in both the lower and upper legislative houses of the National Assembly.


The group’s spokesman also wants the Buhari government to be decisive in treating the case of Ali Pantami (the Communications Minister) who has been in the news lately for his strong views on Islamic extremism, saying such a flawed individual could no longer be trusted to effectively superintend over the very sensitive issues of the National Identity project as well as other electronic security for the common good.

“We can’t allow someone we have all lost confidence in to continue to discharge such sensitive assignment as the National Identity project. And we ask the government to go ahead and summon the courage to do the needful.

“And when people lose confidence in a member of this government, that person should either quit or be fired,” he added.

Abaribe also alluded to threats to silence those with opposing views, saying it was undemocratic to try and stifle those who didn’t necessarily agree with the government on issues of national importance.

“We as a Caucus want to also put it on notice to all Nigerians and the international community about threats to the lives of our members, to those who come out to say things that are true about the state of Nigeria today.
“And these threats have come in various forms, including threat to life,” he said.

On the issue of constitutional breaches, Abaribe who is also chairman of the Senate Committee on Media and Publicity said they would explore all constitutional methods and measures to put the government in line when it is time to do so.

“The Caucus has taken note, and will continue to take note of the constitutional breaches by the government of the APC and will, at the appropriate time utilise all constitutional methods and measures available after consultations with our colleagues to do the needful to save the country from collapse,” he added.

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