13 Scariest Things Ever Found On Earth

You probably got attracted to this post because you are curious to know what these scariest things ever found in the world are.

You may not be alone though. In the course of compiling these, I was also scared at some point because I began to imagine coming in contact with some of the things mentioned below.

In this post, I have outlined the 13 scariest things ever found in the world.


Without much ado, let us quickly dive right into it.

1. Brain-eating Amoeba

This is my first pick amongst the scariest things ever found on earth. While we all agree that Amoebas are living organisms that most people see as harmless, shapeless, and irritating, a special species of this organism causes unimaginable damage to the brain when it makes its way into a human.

This particular species is commonly found where we have fresh warm water. Surprisingly, this species of amoeba called Naegleria Fowleri eats up the brain, leaving its host lifeless afterward. 

2. The gympie gympie tree

We cannot deny that trees and the leaves that grow on them have value both to society as well as to humans. Although these valuable trees and leaves exist, there are others that are really scary and dangerous. The Gympie Gympie leaf is a perfect example of this. Found in Australia, the Gympie Gympie is highly venomous and has been said to cause intense pain for months when the victim is cut by its numerous syringe-like part.  The Gympie Gympie leaves deceptively attracts its victims with its fuzz.

3. Bolton Strid Spring

There is a saying that ” water is life” you would also agree with me that the importance of water can not be overemphasized as water plays different roles in our lives such as serving the purpose of recreation, preparing our meals, and so on.

This amazingly a small and tricky stream is discovered in Yorkshire England and is usually called Strid. Why is Strid tricky? Strid has a deep chasm powerful undercurrent that pulls anybody who walks around its shores to itself. While this may sound funny to some people, it is not a funny one for The Marks whose little boy got drown and his body never recovered after the Strid pulled him into the stream. Interestingly also, the depth of this stream has never been ascertained to date.

4. Invisible Fire

“I don’t know what happened,” Gordon said. “I was coming out of Turn 2, and I had a fire burning all over me. I felt all this heat. I realized I was on fire going down the back-stretch.

These are the words of Robby Gordon a good racer after taking a break from a little race. He was found burning without any sign of visible fire. Gordon sustained real and severe injuries on his wrists, his hand, and his leg due to this mysterious fire which to date has defied scientific explanation.

5. Asian Giant Hornets.

This is also nicknamed “yak-killer hornet” and “giant sparrow bee,” it is a harmful species of bee that stings in packs, and the sting is similar to having a red-hot thumbtack driven into human flesh according to Scientists. The worrisome part is that the hornet is known to be an aggressive predator of the common honeybee. it is a species that pollinate economically important crops and fruit trees. Although bees are good for crops, crops are never good for bees.

6. The Sun.

Kindly take a thought through the summer period and give me a hint on how you feel. hot right? this is how the heart of the solar system makes you feel. Actually, this is just the tip of the iceberg. The feel that the sun will at a point explode and kill all humans sends a chill down my spine.

6.  UFO


While many still doubt the reality of UFO (a mysterious object seen in the sky for which it is claimed no orthodox scientific explanation can be found, often supposed to be a vehicle carrying extraterrestrials), there are growing concerns that the presence of UFOs might be true owing to recent researches in the USA.

A familiar case attesting to the reality of UFOs was that of Kenneth Arnold in 1947. While flying his plane near Mount Rainier in Washington state he reported seeing some sort of glimmer or shine that caught his eye.  After a closer look, he was startled to discover it was a UFO flying boat. Kenneth described the object as nine very odd-shaped vessels flying in formation. Additionally, he said, ” they flew like a saucer would if skipped across the water”.

7. Blood Red Lake

Red Lake in iraq image

This is one of google earth’s findings that exist in Iraq. Speculations abound as to why this lake is red. Some say the lake is red because of chemical pollution, animal blood flushed into the reservoir, others say it is due to the increase in salt level which is often known to turn water into blood. This is indeed a mysterious sight.

8. Sea Monster

Sea Monster Image

This is a marine monster that is believed to live in water and exist in different shapes and sizes. This mythic sea monster is so large that it can lay waste entire city with ease. Another such popular sea monster is called Cthulhu which is assumed to be the Oldest Gent’s famous creation as described by Lovecraft.

9. Water phone

Waterphone Image

This musical instrument has been used in some of the world’s scariest films like the Aliens, poltergeist. This musical Instrument sounds like a whale and dolphin. Its tone was successfully used to call orcas (A Killer whale) off the coast of western Canada in 1979. This instrument is named after Richard water who made it in 1975.

10.Victoria doll

Victorian doll Image

Some kids and young adults are lovers of dolls. Some prefer to decorate their rooms and play with them during leisure hours. At the pollock toy Museum In London, it is so scary to see an old victorian doll with a wax face which is currently 150 years.

11. Guitar-shaped mansion.

This Big Alabaman House is a no-go place for people. It is termed the biggest mansion in Alabama built in the form of a Giant Guitar. This weird guitar house was built by larry, and it is a 34,000-square-foot mansion. It has a 15-bedroom with 22 bathrooms.

12.The Gaint green lake.

Giant Green Lake image

Also called big Green lake with a maximum depth of 237ft, this lake is the deepest and second-largest volume lake in Wisconsin and it is also a spiritual place for the Winnebago. Sacrifice must be made to the spirit before entering the water. Most of the inhabitants around this lake were moved away to another place due to mysterious happenings.

13. The Dead Sea.

Dead Sea Image.

This is a salty lake that does not allow plants or animals to dwell around or in it because of its harsh environment. The unfriendly weather makes it impossible for humans to live. Additionally, is called the dead sea because of the amount of salt it contains.

One other scary and significant feature of the dead sea is the fact that Swimmers are able to float on it without sinking into the water, and also, no object gets wet after coming in touch with the water…


So far, I have tried to outline and also give flesh to some of the scariest things ever found in the world.

Do you have others you would like me to feature in my next post or you feel I did not cover any of them succinctly, please feel free to leave me a comment below.





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