10 True-Life Horror Stories In Nigeria You May Never Believe Really Happened.

Ezeji Oluwakemi B

I have had the opportunity to listen to people’s personal experiences here in Nigeria about things that looked so horrifying. Sometimes when you hear things like this, you may want to doubt their authenticities because of the fashion in which it happened.

As a person, whenever I hear people say these things, I quickly try to wear my imaginative lie detector in order to either debunk it as “one of such lies” or to accept it hook line and sinker.

In any case, we can never debunk the fact that horrifying things are happening in Nigeria every day from Ghosts seeing to seeing people die because they could have avoided simple mistakes.

Just as I have always done too, I will like you to put your Imaginative lie detector on all through these posts. Additionally, while I promise to be as raw as possible, I will implore you to be bold enough to read to the end because these are true-Life Horror Stories In Nigeria.

Please do ensure that you leave me a comment below if you think my top 10 picks are true. Also, you may wish to share your personal experience with me too. I promise to feature your personal experience in this post.


Let us dive right into it…

1. Dream To Reality.

This was a true story that happened to my husband. If he did not experience it personally and relayed it to me, I’d doubted it.

During one of their Assu strikes in 2013, he left school for his parent’s home to observe the strike and also to do some income-generating jobs while the strike lasts. On a fateful night, he dreamt. In the dreamland, he got his little and the last finger pierced by someone he couldn’t ascertain his or her personality neither did he even see his/her face.

The pain from the injury (In his dream) woke him up from sleep, only to discover that the exact finger was bleeding profusely in real life. According to him, he was so cold with fear that he could not even stand up from his bed. It was like he just escaped the claws of some monsters.


2. Dead Man Seen At The Office.

Personally, I have never believed in stories like this because as a Christian, I have always read in the holy book that Immediately after death, there would be judgment.

If this horrifying event had not been narrated on Radio by an eyewitness, I would have debunked it as one of such fables.

A man was said to have arrived home from work on a fateful day and began to complain of tiredness and pains. He was said to have gone to take his bath and then his meal with hopes that he will be fine by morning.

At midnight he began to have serious pains around his chest and all efforts by the wife to help him proved abortive. When she realized the situation was getting out of hand, she quickly screamed for help.

Thanks to the timely assistance of the neighbors who helped to get the man to the hospital on time and prevented him from dying in the house. Although he was helped to the hospital on time, still, he died about an hour later.

The wife knows the husband never goes late to work and that he does not abscond from duty without cogent reasons, she quickly called the office at 7:30 AM to inform them of the sad event. She got the shock of her life when she was told from the office that her husband was there in his office and that in fact, he just sent a junior staff to go buy him breakfast.

When she got there, she was shown the office of her husband. Surprisingly, the man had been to the office in the morning, ate the food the junior staff bought him, pulled his jacket/hanged it on the chair, pulled his shoes, thumb-printed in the attendance machine, and guess what?….


3. Animal-Like Scratches On The Body.

This story was told by my bosom friend Stella. It was a real story of her friend who recently lost her husband (More than 2 years now) in a really horrifying scenario that would be told in detail below.

Mary lost her husband when a tiger attacked him in his sleep. Mary had a slight misunderstanding with her husband the night before his demise, a misunderstanding that prompted them to sleep in separate rooms.

In the morning, she headed straight to her husband’s room to wake him up for prayers and also to get him prepared for work as he was already getting late. Apart from these, Mary also had it in mind to apologize to him for her wrong deeds the night before.

Upon getting to his door, she felt an unusual chill. Never minding how she was feeling, she headed straight for a loud knock on his door. The knock continued for a while without a response from the next side of the door. She quickly broke the door lock, only to see his dearly beloved husband lying on the bed in a pool of his own blood.

A closer look at her husband’s body revealed an even more startling scene. There were marks that looked like that of a wild animal all over his body. Obviously, the innocent man struggled throughout the night with a beast in human form that ultimately prevailed over him, and also took his life.

4. Buying and Selling In The Market At An Unholy Hour.

I have never been to the market at any time of the day when I cannot see the face of the next person to me clearly. This simply means that I will never go to the market at an unholy hour. o me, an unholy hour is between 8 PM -dawn.  This was a true life experience of my friend Tope and when she narrated it, I felt numbness on my right foot.

Tope was late from work on a fateful night and although he lived close to a big market in Ibadan which also means he was very much familiar with the shortcuts of the market, he decided to take one of such shortcuts.


while Tope walked across the market he heard noise purporting to come from invisible people buying and selling inside the market. He could loudly hear some of them saying ” mo fe ra oja’ (I want to buy something in Yoruba dialect).

5. Human With Real Tail.

This story was told by my lecturer during my days on Campus as a master’s student. While Dr.Buchi (Of blessed memories) was trying to illustrate the different kinds of people that existed on earth, he remembered one of his experiences while he was traveling.

According to him, he knows some humans in some parts of Nigeria who go about their daily activities Naked. According to Dr.Buchi, he almost died of fear the day he sat behind a co-passenger in the bus who Practically had an animal-like tail. This individual had every other feature of a human such as eyes, nose, and so on. can you imagine.

6. Walking With The Head.

Whether this Is true or not, I do not know. All I know is; this story has always been told by different people. The frequency with which this particular story is told makes it true to a very large extent.

Bola once told me she has stopped going to the market to get anything because she is always scared.  According to her, the last time she visited the market, she could vividly recall how she saw a person whether a woman or a man, she could not tell, walking with the head.

7. Muccor From The Nose.

This horrifying story has been told to me by my parents when I was just a kid, but I have always debunked it. Sometime in 2008, I had the opportunity to visit my hometown in Ogun state, and I witnessed the exact same story I was told when I  was a kid… An irritating and horrifying scene of old women seated with Muccor streaming down their noses. The irritating part is, they do not make attempt to clean it, and the horrifying part is; no one dares to make jest of them because of the fetish effect.

8. Missing Penis.

I will really be surprised to see anyone debunk this particular story. The story of the missing penis was so rampant in Nigeria some years ago that parents ensured that their kids never collected anything from anybody nor allow anyone to touch them.

Personally, I witnessed a lot of cases involving a missing penis in Nigeria, but I will share just one of them below.

On a faithful day, while I was in a hurry to get to class at the University of Ibadan, I saw a student give an arm to some beggars at the gate.

I was never too bothered initially when the student dipped his hand into his pocket and gave the arms, but seconds later, I heard a shout; the young student was practically shouting at the top of his voice, with a claim (Which later proved right because he pulled his trousers and boxer and we all saw it) that his penis had disappeared.

This immediately drew more attention and crowd to the scene. People began to shout at the beggar woman, others tried to beat her with different objects.  She was however saved thankfully by some nearby mobile police who quickly whisked her away

I really did not hear what happened after that as I had to leave the scene after the police left and also because I was already seriously late for my lecture.

9. Woman Changed Into A Cat.

This story was told on a television program about an eyewitness who saw her neighbor turn into a cat. She had woken up at midnight to close the window since it was going to rain heavily.

While she was attempting to close her windows, she saw her neighbor with a calabash who immediately changed into a cat after using the oil in the calabash on herself.

10. Meeting In The Student Courtyard.

Every Nigerian student who stayed in the hostel at some point in their education life must have a story or two to tell.

While I personally have my hostel story to tell, I do not really think it is as horrible as that of Juli as told below.

Awo Female hostel in the University of Ibadan is really a den of Midnight unholy meetings. One fateful midnight, Juli saw something very scary that eventually made her sick for a long time.

In her words: While I was passing through the courtyard, I overheard some discussion and I decided to look down to see if it was my roommate or hotel mate but to my surprise, it was a meeting of mermaid having fishlike legs and human bodies.

According to her, they were deliberating on the next male student they would have affair with before the end of the semester.


Aren’t these stories horrible?

Do you have other horrible and true-life stories you would like me to credit to your name?

Drop them in the comment section below.



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